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Mission Statement

The 4C Cattle Company is committed to cultivating comradery for all those who gather and live here by creating an environment of learning through observation and participation.

Vision Statement

Inspire people through horses and cattle.  

Encourage people to "4C their dreams..."

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4C Horses

Love horses or know a horse lover?
4C offers horse lessons for all ages
 as well as miles of horse trails! 

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4C Beef & Poultry

Support your local farmer;

buy ground beef local.  

Set up reoccurring orders.

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4C Events

Birthday parties, reunions, meetings, clinics/show, educational farm tours, 

weddings and much more!

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4C Camping

Get back to the basics. Come relax 

and enjoy a rustic getaway. 

 Multiple packages available.

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4C Calendar of Events

Lots of fun stuff happening at 

4C Cattle Company.  

Keep up with upcoming events.

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About 4C Cattle Company

Learn more about 4C Cattle Company, 

what they do and why they do it.  

Come meet the staff.



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4C Cedar Creek Cattle Company

650 Cedar Creek Drive, Burkesville, KY 42717, US

(270) 406-0020