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Local Beef

4C ground beef comes from one steer and is ground and packaged by one U.S.D.A. local butcher. Our beef is raised on pasture and finished on a locally grown grain. Our beef is never given hormone implants or growth promotants and we deworm with a natural product that is poison free.

Pasture Raised Poultry

Chickens are grazed on fresh green grass, non-medicated natural feed and grown slowly.

4C Meat

1 lb uncooked = 1 lb cooked

We are always striving for better results especially when it comes to our 4C meat!

Plan Ahead

Pre-order your meat before you run out!   Bulk orders must ordered in advance.  We do not keep a large of meat on hand.

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Contact Kim Muer (270) 406-0020 or Charlie Flaugh (270) 406-2002.

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